Our  Festival and Event Menu

Grilled Romaine Caesar Wrap - Take  romaine with special ingredients brushed on the face and then grill it to perfection. Place that in a flat bread with rich, caesar dressing, croutons, and parmesan cheese, roll it and serve it. Tastes like your eating steak, you will love this!! 

Add Chicken or Beef if you desire.


BBB's- Bear Battered Brats - Those customers that can’t put down their drink  or those whose hands are full of packages, only need to order... heaven on a stick, “Bear Battered Brats” are just about the most perfect food for Music, Art and Wine Festivals. Our special Hot Honey-Bee mustard makes this choice a true champion.  Brats on a Bun if desired.


Pulled Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches - OoooWeh thats some zesty eat’n! Nothing but white chicken breast meat used, mixed with our buffalo sauce, served on a kaiser roll and your pick of temperature requirements at the fix-in's table.



Braised Beef Sandwiches - Beef grilled crusty on the outside, and juicy inside and heaped high on a Baguette with Marmalade Horseradish sauce.



Bear Clawed Pork BBQ - Large sandwich of slow cooked pork shoulder with just a hint of BBG flavor. Melt in your mouth good! Served on a Kaiser roll with or without coleslaw topper.  Add the extra zing at the condiment table.


Mountain Brownie - Take a Large chocolate fudge centered brownie and cover it in funnel cake. then top it with a snow capped confectionary sugar avalanche to create this mountain of a dessert.

 so good they will put you into hibernation.


The Grizzly - All Three great sandwiches in one calusal sandwich, dripping with flavor and able to fulfill even a Bears Hunger!


Freedom Fries, Sodas

Fall or cold weather shows will have Bear Chilli and or Mountain Chicken Chowder.

pecial Events Only

Maryland Crab Cake and Crab Balls.