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Whitewashed Wood

About Us

I  just had my second son and I was laid off from my job after 9 years of working for them. After trying fruitlessly to gain employment, I decided to start my own business. With my lovely wife Amy’s encouragement and backing, I set off on this adventure. Loving the public as I do I wanted to serve them. After 18 years of singing for thousands of people with "Round Midnite", my hearing went south even further to the severely profound, ending my public outings. This new career will be both my job and my artistic outlet. Years of working for others will now end and with Gods help and my families love we will come out the other side better and more prosperous than ever. Enjoy the webpage and drop me a line if I can help you out with Grizzly Mountain Grill.

Owner and operator, Jim Meunier.

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